Kate Aspen Trinket Dish


- Kate Aspen's This Just Got Real Trinket Dish can be used as a jewelry tray, trinket dish, or candy holder. There are so many ways this wedding trinket dish can come in handy for you and your Husband. You both can use it to keep your wedding rings safe. Everyone knows how difficult it gets when you leave your ring laying in any random place in the house. The moment you forget where you've left it, you're literally at a loss. Who wants to spend countless hours over nothing?

- Keep your bling intact with this beautiful jewelry tray. You'll be so glad you have it when you're washing the dishes or doing some household chores and need to safely keep your rings aside. This Miss to Mrs. Trinket Dish by Kate Aspen is perfect for safe-keeping your jewelry. The MISS to MRS is such a great touch for a new bride and it's also a great way for your hubby to know the tray belongs to you, and only you!

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